Obesity – The National/International Problem In 2012 Dr Andy Hartland, MB ChB FRC Path, Bariatric Physician, Chair of West Midlands Bariatric and a member of the Parliamentary Advisory Group on National Obesity. He revealed the findings of his studies on Obesity and Activities and declared a National Issue in children Continue Reading

South Staffordshire Family Leisureland

ABSOLUTELY EMBARGOED CONFIDENTIALITY South Staffordshire Family Leisureland Acres of Vibrant Year Round Thrilling Full Family Friendship Adrenalin WEIGHTSHED© Family Fresh Air Fitness Forest Camps to Happiness Health, Work and Wealth  1914 Centenary Ambition – Install 100 INNERCITY FFA-FFC during 2014 This needs be a joint venture with the Local Authority/Government Funded/Churches/Mosques/Temples   Continue Reading

Tough Guy® Military Style Academy

Tough Guy® Valley of Beautiful Dreams Military Style Residential School for Wayward Boys and Girls Academy for Sport and Re-creation Transformation   Celebrating the life of Major Mike Parke Basra Commander Objectives To employ war disabled and military veterans as tutors in life skills. Working with Horses, Animals, Wildlife, Husbandry Continue Reading

How is WORDS to be funded?

How is WORDS to be funded? Tough Guy® will commence the Funding with our On-line Registration Facility. Tough Guy® will then donate to the WORDS POT for every Runner. Tough Guy® has appointed Solicitors to making application to the Charity Commission for Registration. The initial funding of WORDS as stated Continue Reading

The Constitution

The Constitution Objectives of The Movement That every Tough ORunner should join the Movement Free and donate an Annual Contribution (for life membership) by buying the Clothing, Apparel, and Personalised Kit plus a small tariff to each event entered. We pray our Aims of WORDS will be to be accepted Continue Reading