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Mrs Merkal Letter

November 2016 Greeting’s to Mrs Angela Merkal,  Can Sport Bring Peace To This World? 60 years ago I was stationed at Gort Barrracks, Hubblerath, Dusseldorf (attached). On Wednesday 23rd November 2016, I have revisited by kind invitation of Walter Kreutner, Tough Guy ‘Mud Kings’ Jesus Warriors (copied into this) I Continue Reading

Jeff Shi Wolves Football Club Letter

Mr Mouse Farm for Unfortunates Not for Profit Company Supporting The Horse Sanctuary (Tettenhall) Registered Charity No. 1102444   Jenny Walkers Lane, Old Perton, South Staffordshire, WV6 7HB – Tel:  01902 764422 ~ Fax: 01902 380370  E:   Spiritual Guidance, Confucius, Jesus, here in our Peace Garden View March 7th 2017 Greeting’s Continue Reading