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Celebration July 2nd 2017 – Mr Mouse Birthday

Celebration July 2nd 2017

Mr Mouse 80th Birthday Farewell Fun Run

Goodbye to Obstacle running with please and thank you.

Mr Mouse Lovers Fun Run


80 Teams of 4 (limit, enter now!)

80 Prizes Treasure Hunt Cash and Kit.

80 First Entry Selfies, with Mr Mouse


NEW Mr Mouse Adventure Park Venue

Visit Bowie Spiritual at

BOOK : The Autobiography Mr Mouse Mountainous Elephant Life

All sign ups get snippets, hilarious, adventurous, highly risk and danger, mouth watering true tales climbing more mountain of life than any other person.


Mr Mouse Adventure Park 

  • Military Academy for Wayward Boys & Girls, Training/Recruiting for Army Service
  • Membership Mr Mouse PTSD
  • Membership for all ages who enjoy helping those less fortunate. It will work because this has been Mr Mouse’s life for 45 years.
  • Huge indoor Adventure Zone as written Year 2000.
  • Outdoor Mr Mouse Tough Guy® Sectional and Corporate Training facilities. Work has commenced on rebuild/reconstruction .

Full Details :

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