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HG Wells & Confucius Summary

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 Of Essential HG Wells Learning to EVERYONE

Confucius taught the idea of Peace and Love to ALL 2600 years ago,

Socrates and Plato made the Assertion 2350 years ago


HG Wells book The Shape Of Things To Come

Book III The World Renasence: pages 259, 262-270, 405.

The Birth of The Modern State written 1932 (here is the summary)


This is astounding guidance to today’s Governments, the Bank of England and large NGO/ charitable organisations. By reading History the answers to forward thinking are a path of roses!


Page 262 to 270 states: ‘Forecasting Futures?’ HG Wells states:-

  • In 2017 chaos and society in collapse?
  • Bankers profit should be abolished Bank of England should be direct to every person (Quantitive easing?) Not giving low rates to banks who have became greedy money lenders with some high profile thieves?
  • Social nucleation? Teach children under 18 what they need to make a better world. PHYSICAL AND MORAL TRAINING comes before study and political.
  • Home religious studies (men are born but citizens are made!)
  • Democracy? Parliament rid yourself of See Saw tactics. Criticise but do not obstruct with perpetual amendments, endless blocking and barring projects with enfeebling bargains and blackmail concessions sitting on the flimsiest reason in the hope of degrading to bring the opposition into power.
  • This is a classic that few people read, wasting years rather than advancing society.
  • Democracy it is no good asking people what they want! That is the error of democracy! You have to first think out what they want if society is to be saved. Then you have to tell them what they want, and see that they get it
  • Then HG added ‘if you cannot start it, close at hand’. Get the nuclei going, be yourself a nucleus. From the beginning of life nuclei have begotten nuclei!


This is where we are not only in our world of this marvellous new Sport/Activity of Obstacle Running /where we all love and enjoy our equality.

But also a big pointer to Governments TO LISTEN to the millions of people in physical endurance sport. We are mostly enjoying very peaceful friendly happiness and seek with sharing, total unification?


Can Sport Bring Peace To This World?


Confucius did it 2600 years ago by going out on missions of peaceful gatherings. I believe that today Mrs May and Mrs Merkel the possessors of the EDUCATING CREATING GENES of their fore parents in modern life, they are the leaders of new thinking.


I CALL UPON THEM TO TREAT DONALD TRUMP AS A JUNIOR BUT WELCOME HIM AS HAVING BROKEN THE MOULD! WE ARE THE LEADERS OF PEACE IN THIS WORLD. Donald Trump is far from being the most powerful man in the world until he learns much more about the need for Peace.


Trump was born June 1946 as HG Wells Died? Is Trump a re-incarnation? See page 270-271 HG Forecasts Air Dictatorship, today we have Twitter, is this a marvellous acquisition from HG Wells Spirit?


In 1947 Enoch Powell was said to say the next World War will not be USA plus Britain against the East! It will be Russia Europe and The East against USA. Enoch was castigated for his Rivers of Blood speech. Yet Mrs May repeats Enoch’s rhetoric by declaring that she will spend 100 million on armed forces to keep out immigrants???? Also supplying arms and bombs to Saudi Arabia TIME TO CHANGE.


Britain is the creator of all discipline and armies which the whole world comes to Sandhurst to learn from

Let us be magnanimous and show this world. How to conduct war without weapons?


Connect and prioritise leadership to Can Sport Bring Peace To This World?


Let us pray that Mrs May and Mrs Merkel LISTEN Mrs May has now set her course to a sharing society, marvellous first step.

My vision of the future is extracted from my readings of the Historical Greats.


Yours Ever Smiling, Ever Praying That Peace Brings Peace To This World,

Mr Mouse.

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