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HORBA Constitutions

International Obstacle Course Runners Associated Federation LTD

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HORBA – Honourable Obstacle Runners British Association Ltd

A Company Limited by Guarantee.

A Registered Charity.

A Registered Charity is owned by the above Company which is a safeguard, that Trustees (Executive Committee) are only liable for £10 if disaster came (Trustees Executive Committee) are not allowed to be paid (can be paid expenses).
The Charity employs its staff. Nominations for trustees are provided by the Steering Committee and submitted to Charity Commission.

Any monies spent by the Steering Committee are to be repaid.

That there will be A ruling Parliament

1) Consisting of Runners

Professors Emeritus Billy Wilson, President proposed Mark Petrou/ James Parrish

Executive Steering Committee: UK Section: Secretary Ingrid Cain, Will Wilson, Verity Wilson, Lucie Melling, Rob Woollen, Nigel Dawson, Tony Browning, Katie Mills, Roger Pheasant, Louis & Michelle Stinchcombe, Paul & Rachael Maglione, Lee and Falon Mills, Rick Kilburn, Paul Goss, Pete & Dom Millichap-Rawlinson, Graham Cable, Mike Adair, Paul Morgan, Sarah Mills, John English, Dr Gareth Edwards, Jason Richards, Bruce Fraser, Alan Rayment, James Appleton, Paul Jones and Carl Wibberley, Kevin Newey, Rick Burgess, Alan Moore, Iain Exeter, Colin Spafford and Chris Nicholl. .

This will be the initial Steering Committee; the Constitution will allow and invite interested Runners who may wish to join to further the Objectives of the Association.

Tough Guy® database has over 50 different Countries with over 100,000 competitors, visitors signed up.

That establishing this in England/Britain gives opportunity to form similar Association in other countries. Whom will be invited as Buddy’s who have the Bravery to have been Tough Guy® Runners. In this respect we would ask advice of John Disley/Hugh Jones present Chair secretary of Association of International Marathon. Tough Guy® (Marathon) is applying for Membership.

AIMS – Which grew from similar proposals made by Chris Brasher, John Disley, Billy Wilson and Vince Reagan (firstly secretary) is now a huge gathering of Events willing to have AIMS Course Measuring and Rules.

The Constitution


1) That every Runner should join the Movement Free and donate their contribution with 2% entry fee excess to all events in British Obstacle Runners Association.

2) We anticipate the Aims of HORBA will be to be accepted by IAAF and also as a Future Sport of the Olympic Games. Ultimately to joining up with Fell Running, Cross Country, Triathlon Association and other sports as one United Regulating Body.

3) Committee(s) will implant control moral judgement on Events or members.

4) Grading opinion 10 to zero with open criticism of any rip off events.

5) Each participant can elect for committee only after 5 years British obstacle running participation.

6) Democratic Consensus Rulings will be the order of the day.

7) Executive Committee will have powers to avoid any Cartel Movement.

8) Database will be accessible to all Member Events.

9) HORBA will be funded by donations.

10) Innovation will be rewarded, Greed will be condemned.


12) Honourable Obstacle Runners British Association Ltd will own the Rights to the Database.

13) Chris Brasher John Disley Mr Mouse Legacy Trust will be given First Rights to be Fundraising Agent in thanks for funding the whole set up.

14) Database to be available to all Event Organisational members putting on events and happily joining the Movement. The Advantages to Event Organisers are numerous

1. a. Full database of Runners
2. b. Vast saving on marketing and PR.
3. c. Calendar of Events in Regular Magazine on-line and by Post.
4. d. Savings on purchase Run Numbers, ID Kits, Timing Chips.
5. e. Low cost of Timing Hire Kit.

How is HORBA to be funded?

Tough Guy® will commence the Funding with our On-line Registration Facility.

Tough Guy® will then donate to the HORBA POT for every Runner.

Tough Guy® will appoint Solicitors to making application to the Charity Commission for Registration.

Once we have the initial application we can start to “sell” the ideas of “The Movement” to other Race Organisers and to the Runner in general.

The initial funding of HORBA as stated will come from Tough Guy® entries. Our competitors will be told that they have Premier Founder Membership for their contributions.

Whatever is decided in the future what the privilege is of Premier, (it may be a star classification or a Special Badge and clothing).

Thence we will eventually enter into the Life Membership Number System. Premier members should take first choice on such great offerings. I hope that it does not bring too much materialistic value more unique and personal.

I do believe; we all need to join the best Online Entry System to suit our needs.

We also have the Sponsorship opportunity which will come when growth is seen to be setting in to our initial inspirations.

Final Thoughts

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