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Message To All Event Organisers

To all event organisers worldwide.

Please be prepared for regulations to give Obstacle Runners Security and Assurance that their basic entitlements are covered.

There are a huge number of Greedy Entrepreneurs launching Obstacle Events with pretty attractive website promises. 80% of them are folding into liquidation. The innocent ORunners are suffering. Only the quality events will survive and do need to join Mr Mouse the Originator.

A World Governing Body

Created by Mr Mouse as Non-Profit making to equal International Amateur Athletics Federation – (IAAF) Rules and Standards.

The website is under construction for you to join and compliment with your gratitude.

Warning : Greedy providers of medical attendance and assistance are attempting to cash in on this booming new Sport/Activity. Charging £24.50 per hour for First Aid Helpers, and £38.00 per hour for Paramedics. DO NOT let them insult your intelligence.

Click to read evidence of attempted forcible quotation.  This is a Gypsy’s warning of huge problems ahead. Roman words ‘United We Stand’.

Join MYWORD Ltd for perfect happiness in all aspects.

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