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Mousa, 80 Year Old Mousa

Ode to Mr Mouse –  TOURING life begins at 70


Old Mousa, Old Mousa

80 year old Mousa,

Standing there with his TITS all bare,

every little wiggle makes the girls all stare.


Old Mousa, Old Mousa,

80 year old Mousa, If you could feel his stumpy spike

Old Mousa tache is a double Doddy tickling stick,

Win 2017 Raffle to tickle up your lastic nick (ladies only)


Old Mousa, Old Mousa

80 Year Old Mousa,

He can Run, Write, Fook, Fight, Wheel A Barrow, Ride A Bike


That’s our precious Lustrous Mr Mouse Ode Mousa


Irish Girls Lullably
Mousa says you can sleep in my bed

Don’t wake me!

Please pull my pants up when you have finished!


For Selfies Queue – Donate a quid or two to


Anyone who can put music to this Ditty? Will get an LMB Cocktail (Click Here)


21st October 2016



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