Mr Mouse Appeal!

Mr Mouse Personal Appeal For Help


Greeting’s to all faithful friends,


Firstly my health is back to perfect, thanks to homeopathy herbal healing.


19 years ago a rescued dog bit the end off my finger, a few days later my arms and legs were swollen to twice the size, I could not walk. The hospital gave me antibiotics and painkillers twice/thrice daily.


I studied homeopathy of shell fish, dark green vegetables and herbs. 6 months later I was back to jogging with the swellings gone.


4 years ago I commenced having blackout seizures, 25 hospital visits, 2 brain scans, full x-rays, endoscope searches, heart monitors. Hospital diagnosis? They said it was a mystery. They increased the pills dosage.


I recorded 130 blackout seizures and reported my records to Sepsis Trust. 3 months ago my tongue swole up, my whole mouth became ulcerated. The doctor prescribe steroids, I gargled but did not swallow these dangerous pills.


1 month ago I went to the dentist for help, my dentist said the antibiotics and pills have stripped the bacteria from your mouth, a thrush fungus has taken over. He prescribed Statin for 2 weeks. I stopped all doctor/hospital pills. I started herbal tea mixed Ginseng, Nettle and other herbs.


Today I feel half my age, fit, healthy and write this to help others suffering similar stomach belching, nausea, blackouts unanswered by doctors and hospitals.


Tough Guy®

January 29th 2017 was the last but one. My illness/ailments has made me write my legacy for the good work charity for animals and children to continue. So the car park for 5000 vehicles has to be sold to pay all the bills and provide for the future plans.


The Tough Guy® you know and love will move to another location within 10 miles of here. The course will be transferred and refurbished to become a health and safety replica.


My new found health will give me a few more years to host, direct and rally our marvellous teams of family and friends who make it happen.


One More Tough Guy® – February 4th 2018 (January 35th)

The new location local authority cannot get it correct before 2019. They will work with us here at Mr Mouse Farm For Less Fortunates to look and learn in 2018.


Your Help Needed

Please enter now for February 4th 2018 so that we can enjoy your faithful friendly company and know how many we have to cater for.


Discounted Entry Fee

You can deduct 20% by entering Mr Mouse World Club. You will receive full details of the club which will control Obstacle Running with a Governing Body. This will be open to a committee of retired Obstacle Runners. See

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