SUPPORT FUNDING – Tough Guy® Mission

SUPPORT FUNDING – Tough Guy® Mission 

MYWORD Ltd World Governing Body For ORunners, see 8) below.


Mr Mouse Auto (Official) Biography is in writing plus a Film Provision of life history. No other in history can match this hilarious ever smiling creator of happiness. All Donators will get sent online reviews until the final chapter.

Your fundraising will be recognised and rewarded. Mr Mouse urges you to recruit friends and relatives to donate a shilling or few.


All Clothing Can Be Viewed At :-

  • £30 Donation/Fundraising
    You get a Special Mouse Bobble Hat or Cap with a Special Gift from Mr Mouse.
  • £50 Donation/Fundraising
    As above with Both Mouse Bobble Hat, Plus Cap, Plus a choice of 3 Training Shirts with fabulous historic logos.
  • £100 Donation/Fundraising
    You get all above plus one Event Entry of your choice. This includes an invite to be a Running Marshal Personal Trainer at a Corporate Training Event.
  • £175 Donation/Fundraising
    Year Long Entry to all 2017 Fundraising Events (Not 2018)
  • £250 Donation/Fundraising
    You get above plus Mr Mouse Full Clothing Selection PLUS One Sixth of your chosen burial plot. 
  • £500 Donation/Fundraising
    Signed First Edition of the Book PLUS All of the above PLUS Front Squad Entry Jan 35th 2018 PLUS one third of your chosen burial plot.
  • All Extra Fundraising Is Welcomed With A Number Of Special Rewards to those with long time entry to Tough Guy®. To continue to raise your funds and £1500 for a full burial plot, a wise investment.

  • World Governing Body For Obstacle Running
    MYWORD Ltd –Mouse Youngers World ORunning Discipline Ltd.
    Click here to read how Mr Mouse will put the fundraising cash to help all ORunners.

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