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Mr Mouse Wisdom

Mr Mouse Wisdom The writer has been asked as the creator of this phenomenal new Sport, “What do you see as the future?”  The answer is one word: HOMOGENEOUSNESS Oxford Dictionary –  Thesaurus One Of A Kind, Comparable, corresponding, sharing, much of a muchness, integrate, fuse togetherness, amalgamate, combine. A Continue Reading

The Making Of Tough Guy®

The making of a Tough Guy 1981  Wolverhampton had serious problems. WOLVERHAMPTON – TOXTETH – BRIXTON 3 HOT Beds of Racial Violence.   1982  Organised Mass Running brings people out of their houses fearlessly lining the streets in sunshine happiness. Wolverhampton Best Racial Harmony Town. Policeman Comment “This time last Continue Reading


IOC-RAF  International Obstacle Course Runners Associated Federation LTD © Copywrite Mr Mouse Version I 01.01.01 Version II 01.01.05 Version II 01.01.10 Version III 01.01.14 A Company Limited by Guarantee. A Registered Charity. A Registered Charity is owned by the above Company which is a safeguard, that Trustees (Executive Committee) are Continue Reading