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Tough Guy Future Mission

A personal message from Mr Mouse,




Support Funding : See rewards for your support online at


Your donations/fundraising will give you Founders Membership. Attach your nickname, this will become your personal special code for instant recognition on clothing, badges and superior members club facilities. You have the opportunity to become personal trainers/running marshals in our new way forward of Corporate Training – Hof Mouse Creation.


All Mr Mouse Clothing Rewards Can Be Viewed At :-


A Fast Changing World Of Obstacle Running

ORunners World Governing Body. I have been visited by some of the leading events who urged me to establish my leadership licence to a World ORunning Governing Body. I have created :-

Please read this carefully. It is for you. All of you are the mass who can vote with your feet. There are a lot of cowboys with web creative skills jumping on the bandwagon, the sufferer is YOU!!

Rock Solid Obstacle Race came in with big hopes, big ideas and excellent promotion, now gone into company liquidation!! (Many others are advertising)


In Holland last year there were over 120 OCR events announced, now there are less than 10 that have survived.


Please read everything carefully, I am a very strong believer in communications. I follow Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, HG Wells, Socrates and above all the oldest philosopher Confucius.


In 1946 HG Wells died and my tutor taught me to study these phenomenal minds. I was 9 years old, history being my strong subject of study. I devoted my life to follow their great teachings.


Click to see the summary of Confucius and HG Wells classic book ‘The Shape Of Things To Come’ –


Tough Guy® : let me tell you that we are non-profit making, we live humble as a church mouse. We have ploughed all profits back into :


  • The Tough Guy® Course for your benefit.
  • Helping the Less Fortunates in life. You can click in to read of 45 years devotion


Firstly : Mudathon April 30th 2017 – Click To See
10 Kilometres : If you want 15k, speak now! I will abide by the majority or give you the option to a larger route and a choice (Click To See)


Tough Guy® Mission Future

Secondly : I now have to reveal that I (Mr Mouse) have endured a mysterious illness for over 4 years. A strange illness which has increased over 4 years to this last year becoming rampant.


I have had 25 visits to hospital, 2 brain scans, full x-rays and endoscope, over 100 blackouts. All doctors say it is a mystery. Yet our internet research says that I do tick 7 out of 10 boxes relating to SEPSIS. Fortunately, my Doctor has listened to me, telling her that the only thing which brings me back to full happy health is Erythromycin antibiotics, so now I take these every day. You can read all of this at


I have volunteered myself to be a Guinea Pig for Sepsis Trust, because my experience has all been written methodically to help others overcome.


Sepsis is when the bodies immune system turns to fight an ailment and attacks ones own body.


Thirdly : Now it must be revealed :-
January 29th Last Tough Guy® was announced in August 2016.


  • Because of Rogues attacking our dedicated family staff with vile dirty tricks. Without me Mr Mouse, they did not want to continue.
  • Now a huge multinational company have offered to buy Mr Mouse Leisure Estate for many £ millions. We cannot refuse this offer to achieve all of our aims to Help Fund For Less Fortunate. We are holding conferences this month of March to delay the sale and reconstruction for 1-2 years whilst we aim to establish the world iconic Tough Guy® pilgrimage centre for the next 100 years as a World Governing Body of Obstacle Running.

    We intend to develop a Corporate Tough Guy Mind Over Matter Training Facility.


You are assured that the events in 2017 will be fully controlled and organised by Mr Mouse Family of Friends.

If you are a dedicated follower of Mr Mouse, join us now! Set your ambitions.
Fourthly : Corporate Training
Wim Hoff –


Wim and Mr Mouse have travelled parallel lives with mental and physical training. We now plan to join together to bring a new direction for WORLDWIDE OBSTACLE RUNNING. I will keep you informed of progress.


Fifthly : Olympic Games
Mr Mouse has been requested to design an obstacle course to become part of the Olympic Games. In designing it, I decided to build it here as a testing challenge.


I am creating obstacles which will be impossible for the best of you to complete in a decent time. These will be filmed in tests shortly with World Champions Jon Albon, James Appleton, Paul Jones and other top athletes.


So the great thing for you is an absolutely new challenge to train your body to a much higher level then is presently seen as an obstacle runner.


The Olympic Obstacle Runner
Will have to have 3 superb abilities :

  • Faster legs than all others.
  • Upper Body Strength equal to your legs.
  • Supple ability to perform backflips, cartwheels, hand walking, equal to leg walking, absolute no fear of performing these tasks at height.

Bringing together the skills of Parkour/Street Running/Gymnastic Ability with Tough Guy abilities.


Sixthly : Todays big news Trampoline Parks – See

I did highlight that legislation and public safety authorities will take over todays national debate on the injuries and deaths of trampoliners! Which I believe will soon ricochet to the cowboys opening OCR events statement “Jumping down more than 3ft can injure joints”. We do need to quickly prove we have control with Mr Mouse World Governing Body of Obstacle Running.



Seventhly : My Creative Copyright
In 1993 I registered and trademarked obstacle running, also the words “Tough” and “Tough Guy”. Click in to read these historic document –


By writing this to all of you wonderful supporters of (Mr Mouse The Legend), you are witness to my creativeness.


IF the Copy Cat plagiarists especially Mudder/Spartan/Pull My Ding a Ling’s (Great respect to Chuck Berry) claim to have done any of this before me, you can join the shout as strong members of MYWORD Ltd the Original.


Eighthly : Membership of MYWORD Ltd
As donator entrants to Tough Guy® Mission, Mr Mouse Family Of Friends. You will automatically become a vociferous member. No charges will be made to you to receive all of the benefits listed, click here to read. Tough Guy® will fund the initial set up.


Ninthly : Organisers of OCR Events
These parameters are simple and fair. They join as written and receive the benefits and agree that you The ORunner will be cared for correctly. They will join as friends to promote the ideals as written.


Lastly : Groaners/Moaners/Trolls
I fight for your rights to your personal opinion, Facebook and Email are a plague with hot tempers, writing and then pressing the button.


But you are outnumbered 1000 to 1 by all Mouse supporters. See attached from The Daily Telegraph “Forgiveness”.

Tenthly : To all, I do hope that you have as requested, read thoroughly some of my philosophy and history.


I am completely in your hands for the future. Your opinions will be read carefully, your support in donating/fundraising to make all of this happen is the absolute future of what you have enjoyed for one or many years here.


OR if I win the lottery, it will all be given as MY LOVE TO YOU for all of the years I have enjoyed your company.
Ever Smiling,

Mr Mouse

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