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Tough Guy® Training Schedule

No. 1 Mind Over Mattertraining 4

Claustrophobia, agoraphobia, acrophobia.
You do need to practise putting yourself in precarious positions.
Heights balancing, in some confined spaces, dark and claustrophobic.
Always have someone accompanying to help you through the fears.

No. 2 Climbing

You do need to develop some upper body strength. training 2

Study Japanese body arts which use mental powers. Simply run to your nearest park or woodland, pickup a log/tree branch. See Girl Training for destructions.

Then with both hands use your log for stretch, bending, curls, put it behind your neck for squats.

Trees offer naturally free access to practice your upper body strength.

No. 3 Rope Crossingtraining 3

Ropes are not kind to hands, you do need fingerless gloves and a good long sock or leg sleeve.

Buy a lorry rope, suspend it at home or tie it to a wall.
Practise pulling yourself along with the strength of your arms. You do learn to grip and not slide your hands.

No. 4 General Fitness

Running – try to run always on grass.

Tarmac roads and concrete pavements were not made for jogging/running.

As you speed along, your weight doubles in size, this is pounding your bone socket. Grass is soft and absorbent. Most road and hard surface runners pay dearly later in life with hip and knee replacements.


No. 5. Jumping training1


Practise daily. Small jumps, large jumps should all be respected.


Your body weight demands that you spread the load.
Land on both feet simultaneously. Your legs are like coiled springs.


On landing allow your ankles, knees, hips to be flexible to allow the impact to flow.


No. 6 Stair Diving training 5

Confidence in your unknown ability is required. Start from a lowly height of two steps and simply dive forward and downwards in a forward roll movement, the secret is in the ‘hedgehog curl’, the record is 12 household stairs use a mattress to begin.

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