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Year Of The Braveheart Mouse

Yes, after 30 years we are changing direction back to the sweet, happy world of horses and animal help.


Tough Guy® will move location to one of the local cities parks because the tourists from 66 different countries do enjoy visiting the birthplace of OCR.


January 35th (Feb 4th) 2018

We have been asked to put on one last continuous event so that the new team can learn.


Year Of Braveheart Mouse 2017

Yes I have had a very concerning ailment for 4 years with blackouts bi-weekly and increasing.  25 hospital visits, full x-rays, 2 brain scans, heart monitor, endoscope treatment, all Doctors say it is a mystery!



A rescued Greyhound bit the ends off 2 of my fingers, the poison from the dogs mouth entered my bloodstream. A week later my legs were paralysed, the hospital prescribed 16 pills and painkillers daily, after 6 months I commenced herbal and vitamin fish studies.


January 2017 my mouth was full of ulcers, I couldn’t eat, drink or speak without intense pain. The doctor prescribed Steroids! No thanks. I went to the Dentist who said ‘have you been taking lots of pills, painkillers and antibiotics?’ Yes! ‘These have stripped your bacteria, a fungus has arrived called Thrush’.


I immediately stopped all tablets, using only increased Herbal Energy Drink created from years of study.


Today 4 months later I feel 50 years younger. I attached for you details and as a consolation I will send to you a 5 day sample pack.




  • Story of Wild Irish Angry of his bed pulled to rafters with his rifle on my face.
    Tricks were returned with tricks, one day someone put a hedgehog in my bed with thousands of flea’s, Ed suspected an Irish guard whom we had upset, so we hauled his bed up to the rafters of the hut, he came back at 10:30 drunk, shouting and screaming seeing his bed in the roof.

    40 men in the room giggling under their blankets, then I heard his screaming voice getting closer. I pulled back my blanket to find his rifle muzzle on my nose, I looked into is crazy eyes and sang ‘Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling. I dare not flinch but out of the corner of my eye I saw Eddy creeping up behind him. Irish broke my teeth with the muzzle to shut the singing. Ed chopped him unconscious, as he fell the rifle bullet went over my head (yes it was loaded). I grabbed his bollocks for a good twist, we tied him in a blanket, soaked him with buckets of water and hung him out of the window for the night.


  • Trench Training Exercise

We were on manoeuvres training for Cyprus Eoka Terrorists. We were in a trench learning to throw live grenades.


So each in turn hold the grenade, pull the full pin release handle, count to 3 seconds, we were told the fuse was 5 seconds whence really it was 7 seconds, so hurl your grenade as far as you can, throw then duck for the back lash explosion.

So line up :- Sgt, Corporal shouting loud orders next to the thrower. Just before me was a very conscientious, quiet and frightened thrower. He pulled his pin then threw it without counting in a very sheepish manner. The grenade bounced back into the trench. Fear scattered and ducked all including the Corporal and Sgt. I was couting with my gentle companion, plenty of time! I picked up the fallen grenade and hurled it out. Yes it exploded, yes I was praised, but no medals thank you!


Happily I do not know how to operate Facebook/Internet, I do enjoy old fashioned chatter, greetings and happiness. I visit lots of countries on invite to greet thousands of ORunners.


The young team in our office who operate the computers, Facebook et al have suffered 6 years of vile abuse from some very evil doers. We also found 2 spies in our employment working with Dirty Tricks Tough Mudder, Spartan and the cheat Scott Keneally.


So last August 2016 my young team said make January 2017 the last!


So my good wishes go out to everyone who has enjoyed, even the trolls need pity and forgiveness.


Ever Smiling,

Mr Mouse.

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